About the project

The Swiss-Slovak project was supported through the Swiss-Slovak cooperation within the enlarged European Union.


The aim of the project is to increase efficiency, innovation and availability of capacity building programs of Slovak and Swiss NGOs, through mutual cooperation between CVNO and NMA.


The project has 3 direct activities:
1. The application of good practice
2. Implementation of education
3. Building partnerships.


The final outcome of the project will be for both partners:
- Innovative training programs that focus on capacity building of NGOs (fundraising and financial management, project management, organizational development and resources)
- Application of good practice partners (transfer experience to conduct the training, couching, e-learning platform Community of Practice)
- Implemented courses in the number 15 on the Slovak side and 5 on the Swiss side with a minimum of 90 Slovak and 30 Swiss-trained participants
- A space and support to the potential long-term partnerships (SK-CH).



September 2013 - February 2015

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